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SQL Server queries - Expert-Only
March 3, 2024

Learn Microsoft IT by example

MS-DOS commands

List files in folder with cmd

When it comes to listing huge directories in Windows, it’s mandatory to use scripting to avoid a tremendous manual work. Automation is key here, with very simple bash commands windows system can do

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SQL Server

SQL Server Pivot example

How to use the T-SQL Pivot function ? Use the SQL Server Pivot example query to change rows to columns with the SQL built-in function ? The SQL Server Pivot query can pivot

SQL Server management studio

Check if object exists with SSMS

How to add or remove the object existence checks in SQL creation scripts with SQL Server Management Studio? To add dynamically the existence check before generating the create statement for you SQL Objects like

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SQL Server

SQL Server unpivot query example

How to use a SQL Server unpivot query to transform columns to rows? It’s possible with this simple SQL Server UNPIVOT function example. The T-SQL Unpivot function can do it in one single