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List User Defined Table Types with SQL Server

How to list User Defined Tables Types of your SQL Server database? First of all, users declare User Defined Table Type as a particular table structure in the database. A database user declares it and not the system. It’s good to ensure users can’t insert data with different types or

SQL Server

SQL Server Pivot query rows to columns

How to use the SQL Server Pivot query to change rows to columns with the SQL built-in function ? The SQL Server Pivot query can pivot lines to columns. What is the easy syntax of a PIVOT query? The PIVOT function is pivoting the lines into columns, in order to

SQL Server Errors

SQL Server Implicit conversion from data type XML to nvarchar

How to convert XML into NVARCHAR with SQL Server? To avoid this error “Implicit conversion from data type xml to nvarchar is not allowed. Use the CONVERT function to run this query.”. With SQL Server data, it is useful to combine numerical columns, alphanumeric strings and XML typed columns.  In