DAX functions

Calculate last year value in DAX for Power BI

With Power BI, how to calculate the last year value in DAX? Simply use the two available DAX CALCULATE function combined with the PREVIOUS YEAR function. In financial dashboard and reports, use the previous year value for comparison and variance calculation with the current year.  Indeed analyzing financial figures is often about time comparison and rolling forecasts. Financial forecast uses rolling months, quarters or years. How to calculate last year

SQL Server Abbreviations

MDX stands for MultiDimensional eXpressions

First of all, what does MDX stands for? MDX stands for Multidimensional Expressions. It’s a database programming language to query and create calculations and measures in Microsoft cubes. It’s a language used by databases dedicated to analysis. To go further, let’s consider the two types of Microsoft databases, multidimensional and

SQL Server Abbreviations

DAX stands for Data Analysis Expression

DAX stands for Data Analysis Expression, it’s the Microsoft language to manipulates data in Microsoft SSAS Tabular cubes as well as in Power BI, and also in Excel PowerPivot. DAX stands for Data Analysis Expression The DAX library is a Powerful and user-friendly Microsoft library of different type of functions