XMLA – Extensible Markup Language for Analysis

XMLA stands for Extensible Markup Language for Analysis. It’s a language built on top of XML language. It allows data access from standard multidimensional data sources. Client applications accesses Microsoft SSAS cubes and tabular models using the XMLA language and the HTTP protocol.

XMLA stands for Extensible Markup Language for Analysis

First of all, what is the XMLA language? Microsoft Analysis Services OLAP cubes and Tabular models both uses XMLA. In other words, it’s the unique protocol that allows communication with end-users data analytics applications.

Moreover, how does Microsoft developers uses it? Microsoft Business Intelligence developers can use XMLA for client applications integration with Analysis Services. And without dependencies to Microsoft .NET framework.

In conclusion, the only two necessary components are an HTTP connectivity and the XMLA language.

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