Download SQL Server 2019 developer edition

Where to download SQL Server 2019 developer edition? This edition is free and contains the full set of features. It provides a serious option for evaluation and testing. Therefore, do not use it in a production environment for a company or an organization for example.

Where to download the SQL Server developer edition for free?

Firstly let’s talk about the two free editions. Indeed to use this special edition no need any paying licence key.

Microsoft propose two free versions for download:

  • The Developer version provides testing and development in non productive environments only without a paid licence.
  • The Express version comes in as the lightest version, dedicated for example to small servers and web. It allows installation and usage in Production environments.

Select the Developer version to have all the features, the link downloads an executable file to the machine named SQL2019-SSEI-Dev.exe.

Download the SQL Server 2019 Developer edition in English here on Microsoft website.

The main Azure and on-premises editions come under paying licences

Secondly, the main SQL Server 2019 versions are the SQL Server 2019 on Azure and the SQL Server 2019 on-premises.

The SQL Server 2019 on Azure use the same database engine as the on-premises one. It allows to reuse your previously on-premises purchased licences. The SQL Server 2019 on-premises download comes with a 180 day-trial for the Windows version.

To conclude, let’s talk about the platforms. Install the 2019 version of Microsoft database on Windows server or in Azure Virtual Machines. It’s also available on a Linux distributions and on Docker containers.

Check out the SQL Server Index section on how to manage indexes to improve database performance in T-SQL development.

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