Create a SQL Server stored procedure

How to create a simple SQL Server stored procedure? This example in transact SQL code list all the Customers from the Customers table by using the selection function. This example do not use any where clause to filter the results. Its a simple example to remind the syntax creation for a SQL stored procedure.

How to create a stored procedure with SQL Server?

Firstly, let’s consider and reuse the sales table from this article on the SQL tables.


Secondly, check the existence of the procedure before you create it, or simply alter instead of create to avoid error messages at the execution.

In conclusion, this first article of the SQL Server stored procedures series presents a basic stored procedures creation. The next ones will increase in terms of complexity and features. The stored procedures are the most extensively used features of SQL. So this series represents a big part of the blog.

As developpers very often explains the impoertance of the official documentation, check out the official page for SQL stored procedures.

What is a SQL Server stored procedure ?

A SQL server stored procedure is a database script for programming in transact-SQL. It groups one or multiple SQL intructions. A procedure can take input parameters and output parameters and the steps are repeated everytime a stored procedure is called.