How to create a SQL Server view?

How to create a SQL Server view to display specific columns from an existing table? Consider a view as a virtual table defined by a SQL query. It’s a set of columns and rows from a table. A user defined view is a object managed by a SQL Server developer.

To clarify, let talk about the three different types of views exist:

  1. Indexed views (it’s a materialized view that needs to be refreshed like a table)
  2. Partitioned views
  3. System views

How to create a SQL Server view?

Firstly, let’s consider the Sales table created in this article, to create a view displaying a part of the table content, use the script below and adjust it.

CREATE VIEW [dbo].[SalesByMonth] 
 SUM([NumberOfClients]) 	AS [NumberOfClients],      
 SUM([Amount_ET])			AS [Amount_ET],     
 SUM([Amount_IT])     		AS [Amount_IT]
	 [NumberMonth] ASC

How to call the view?

Secondly, simply use a select command like this one, for example to select the second part of the year:

FROM [dbo].[SalesByMonth]
WHERE [NumberMonth] > 6; 

To conclude, check the view definition in Wikipedia dedicated page, this time about the SQL Standard view, applicable to any vendor respecting the ISO standard.