SQL Server Stored Procedures

How to alter a SQL Server stored procedure?

How to alter an existing stored procedure in a SQL Server database? Simply use the alter command instead of the create command one to modify an existing SQL procedure. In this example let’s add the grouping on months and employees to sum up and group data. Let’s add also a

SQL Server Views

How to modify a SQL Server view?

How to modify an existing T-SQL view ? To develop a SQL Server database or more generally an application, create a database and tables is mandatory. The views are also very useful because they allow you to adjust a specific number of rows and columns without changing the table structure.

SQL Server Functions

How to manage a SQL Server function?

How to manage a SQL Server function? SQL Server user-defined functions are very useful when you start T-SQL development on SQL Server. You need to use them very often so you have to learn the right syntaxes and avoid errors. At the beginning it can be tricky and frustrating because