Time economy is key when you create a SQL Server partition.
SQL Server Partition

Create a SQL Server table partition

How to create a table partition in SQL Server? Let’s consider a large table with Sales data. So, this table have a column that stores the year of the sale and the table stores millions of lines. Let’s consider also that some reports reads this data to display yearly totals

SQL Server Index

How to create a SQL Server index?

Create a SQL Server index to improve the performance of queries on tables and clustered views. To create an index, use this example and adapt it to the project requirements. Indexes are the first recommended step to performance optimization in SQL Server. How to create a simple SQL Server index

SQL Server Stored Procedures

How to create a SQL Server stored procedure ?

How to create a simple SQL Server stored procedure? This example in transact SQL code list all the Customers from the Customers table by using the selection function. This example do not use any where clause to filter the results. Its a simple example to remind the syntax creation for

SQL Server Views

How to create a SQL Server view?

How to create a SQL Server view to display specific columns from an existing table? Consider a view as a virtual table defined by a SQL query. It’s a set of columns and rows from a table. A user defined view is a object managed by a SQL Server developer.

SQL Server Functions

How to manage a SQL Server function?

How to manage a SQL Server function? SQL Server user-defined functions are very useful when you start T-SQL development on SQL Server. You need to use them very often so you have to learn the right syntaxes and avoid errors. At the beginning it can be tricky and frustrating because

SQL Server Tables

How to create a SQL Server table?

How to create a SQL Server table with a simple query? This basic SQL example creates a table to store Sales data. It is using different data types, such as strings, numeric values, decimal values, integers and Boolean. This SQL Server example is easy to customize. Copy and paste the

SQL Server management studio

Option to check object existence in scripts

How to add or remove the object existence checks in SQL creation scripts with SQL Server Management Studio? To add dynamically the existence check before generating the create statement for you SQL Objects like tables, views,  functions or stored procedures, it’s easy. Simply activate this SSMS option to check object existence in