SQL Server Errors

Arithmetic overflow error converting expression

With SQL Server, how to avoid this error : “Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data type int”. Let’s insert some data into a table using a stored procedure for example. Facing this SQL Server error message can be disturbing. Even if SQL conversion errors are classical ones, finding the

SQL Server Errors

SQL Server Violation of unique key constraint

How to insert or update data in an SQL Server table with a simple query? Here are two simple solutions to execute an update or insert and avoid errors. The SQL Server error ” Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint . Cannot insert duplicate key in object . The duplicate key

SQL Server Errors

Invalid object name SQL Server CTE Error

How to execute multiple SELECT queries on the same CTE? As a reminder, a CTE is a temporary object that only exists between its creation and the first time it’s used. It means it’s deleted right after the first query ran against the CTE. Indeed when querying the second time