SQL Server Index

SQL Server clustered index definition

What is a SQL Server clustered index ? The definition of a SQL Server index is a structure, i.e. a file, stored physically in a disk. It’s similar to the master data file and the log data file that composes a database. Basically, to find the associated lines or rows

SQL Server Index

How to rebuild a SQL Server index?

Maintain the indexes is vital to keep a database up to speed with optimal performance. To rebuild an index, use the command to alter and rebuild. Technically speaking, the query rebuilding the index delete it and then creates it again. This operation reorders the index rows in adjacent pages and

SQL Server Index

How to disable a SQL Server index?

How to disable a SQL Server index? To disable an index for performance reasons, use this code and adjust it to your index and table names. For instance, let’s consider a large sales table, with million lines. Let’s consider that the table has a non-unique and non-clustered index on the